29 Kasım 2009 Pazar


Dear All,

I don´t know if I am the only one finds Barcelona really dirty. After a travel to Japan I could not stop thinking about this topic as it´s important where we live, we find ourselves. It´s a country far far from our continent, it´s a country suprised me a lot with its act of cleaning and recycling. And since that day I am thinking am I the one who makes barcelona dirty or town hall never clean it well. But anyhow it´s a topic which I don´t really like even to think, seeing it everyday in street is like a torture.

Have you ever seen a day in center without smell of urine or a pice of dog shit lying on a street and people cleaning their shoose from that dirt.

I was also thinking, Why are we so dirty ? Where are we coming from, Mars ? How could we became that beware of our enviorenment which we are killing everyday without thinking of it ?

I am also thinking what can I do apart from recycling, keeping things clean arround, how can I help my enviorement to keep it better to be able to say that we are clean people. I am pissed of to take a dirty and smelly train with smelly people inside. I am pissed of to think what kind of ilness I can take after this travel. And I am pretty sure that I am not alone.

What can we do!..

We can warn a person which make our city dirty! We can help town hall to clean it if they are not capable! We can also warn transportation companies (like FGC, Metro, Renfe, Bus etc) to push them clean their cars, vagons, trains, stations etc. as we pay to take any of those transportation ways.

Thanks for helping to create a better enviorenment.

Best Regards.

21 Eylül 2009 Pazartesi

11th September, Results of Christian terrorism in ME 100YearWars

Christian Terrorism vs Islamic Terrorism.

I was just watching a documentary about the most important militarian attack in american history on 11th of september to the 2Towers in Newyork city.

You may ask why i mention that day as a militarian attack by a islamic terrorist group el kaide(usama bin laden). Let me tell you a story about Middle East which cradle of petrol and the base of sufferings;

15th October 1914, British Ter... have entered Bahreyn and 24th November Basra to control petrol and they did not stop having more lands in Iraq(until Nil in Egypt) untill 1932 Pact between Iraq and UK.

Between these years also french terr... leader Francois Georges Picot and British Terr.. leader Mark Sykes met in Cairo to share Middle East and have kind of community and peace between EU terr.... branchs.

There was missing something in this community. There are some countries from same race were feeling so jealous that they could not kill Arabian childrens, they were not having a portion of petrol and so on. Italian terr.... could not wait anymore to enter Etiyopya on 1935.

After II.WW at 1945, Arabians have constructed a union. (which actually not working so efficiently) to help each other and increase the arabian nationalist feelings. There was a game behind planned by British Terr.... against French Terr.... to have United Arabians in the collaboration of British mandate. There was no more place on a rope for 2 thightrope dancers. One has had to leave and other one has had to use all petrol until to a drop of it.

Regarding globalism and modern news tech. that was not easy to play games and attack whenever they wanted, anyhow british terr.... branch attacked with a new tactic; Divide, Conquest and have it. 1958 Bloody Revolution has started. The destiny of poor Iraqians were listening british ter... and dividing the country to two sides as, communists and nationalists. It was a really bloody end for communists as later on we europeans called it as; nationalists hunting communists.

Same slightly movings were also happening in Syria. British Blood(USA and UK) of Terr.... were in danger. Soviet Russia may conquest Syria!!! It was horrible idea to share power in ME with Soviet Russia. So, finally USA and UK have conquested Lebanon and Jordan as these countries were in danger of chaos. As a BRITISH PROTECTORS OF THE NEW WORLD they saved these area by killing millions of civils and having all petrol, power and of course more land on our little earth. (which still continuing)

The division didn´t stop on this land. With all sport of british terr.... branch, they stopped education and Radical Islamic part took the fake lead of ME. It´s so clear and known that there is not existing such a Radical Religion as islam which people believe in this region.

British Terr..... did not stop on the land of Arabians.

A Bloody day. Father Bush decided to help and bring peace to there. 1991 which the dark day, which the arabic massacre, which the most longer genocide on the earth.

Today 2009 21st September. 21 days later, British, French, Italian and American Ter..... Branchs will celebrate the 95th years of Terror on ME and if they can keep staying there it´s going to be a century that they are playing this bloody, dirty, dark, horrible, ugly game on this land.

Now my question is coming. When I was watching the documentary about 11th of Sept. People were screaming Fckng Terrorist, God Damned Terrorist.

Did any American ask himself or mention that God Damned Politicians, Damned Games, Ugly British Games ? Please let these people in peace and come back. You killed enough there, sucked enough blood and petrol. Did anyone think the reason behind why these people were attacking to WTC with flights inside sacrificing themselves.

A century already passed, PLEASE DO NOT LET ANOTHER CENTURY OF TERRORISM passing front of our eyes watching millions of death children due to this ugly game.


Thanks and Regards...

14 Eylül 2009 Pazartesi

Bankrupt Companies or benefiting devils ? contract with darkness ? Is government knew it or also involved into this business ????

Companies are increasing their economy but the benefits from crisis still not decreasing.

* When will employees start handing over their loosen jobs ?

* When the decreased salaries will increase again ?

* When will companies stop gaining from crisis ?

* When, when, when ?

It's really simple and clear that we see on economic results and imposible to hide it. Economic situations are getting better. People almos forgot crisis in the street but companies are still benefiting and fitting into this situation like a crocodile with the lie tears that the situation is really to bad for them and they have to fire 100 more.

I am sure that this will not stop by the companies but I wish government can do something to help their citizens. Otherwise, following years they will see their competetitors leading the country as no one will vote them again!..

Please stop companies benefiting from crisis!!!

Thanks and Regards

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11 Ağustos 2009 Salı



You may ask why I used this weird subject and why I satirize world economists just in some words.

Why ? Why ? why ?

Don´t you really have a reason to critize them that simply.

Do you really believe that there was no signal before big crisis which affected all world, millions of unemployeed, millions have no food, billions have psychological problems after it.

So, i suppose that now you have a better view about my title. I suppose that you understand what i really mean.

I don´t really expect that we can find a prince to give a kiss to princes to wake her up from her deep sleep.

That day maybe we could be warmed up before crisis to have kind of foresee and plan to avoid millions of unemployeed situation and hunger in world.

Thanks to responsibles, thanks to people which does his job better than anyone!!!


7 Ağustos 2009 Cuma

Buyuk Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Ekonomisi

Degerli Okur,

Butun dunya ekonomik gidisattan nasibini alirken, bir cok buyuk firma fabrikalarini, ofislerini ve operasyon bunyesindeki is gucunu doguya kaydirmakta. Dogu derken kast ettigim guzel ulkemizin cokta dogusu degil aslinda. Hindistan, Cin vb. gibi ulkelerle baslayan bu akim su anda Polonya, Bulgarya, Romanya vb. gibi bize cokta yakin olan ulkelere kaymaya basladi. Buyuk firmalar diye bahsetmis oldugum IT marketini elinde tutmakta olan HP, IBM, Acer, Asus vb. gibi is gucunu 300 ila 500 Euro' ya saglamak icin tesislerini tasimaktalar.

Guzel ulkemde issiz sayisi kayitli kayitsiz % 15 leri asiyor ve sadece 44 bin 904 kisi 2009 yili yani ilk 6 ay icerisinde is bulma kurumu ve issizlik maasi gibi konularda sorumlu devlet dairelerine basvurmus durumda iken!!!! yok mudur 600 ila 1000YTL arasi bir maas icin IBM veya ACER icin calisicak kimseler ?????

Tabiki vardir ama sanmiyorum Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Hukumeti koylerde beyaz esya dagitip bir sonraki secimlerin oylarini garantiye almaktan kafasini kaldirip bu tarz islerle ilgilenedursun. Bu buyuk firmalara olanaklar saglayip Turkiye' de fabrika ve tesisler kurmalarini saglayip turk gencligine is sahasi acmak icin calissin.

Hukumetimizin gozunun acilmasi umidiyle. Sayet yaptiginiz iste basarili olamiyor iseniz. Lutfen dunya' daki bir cok ulkelerdeki politikacilari ornek alip sarildiginiz sandalyeleri bu isi basarabilecek insanlara birakin.

Saglik ve mutluluklar...